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How to Use Speak Selection on iPhone & iPad

Apr 12, 2021 - 4 Comments
How to Use Speak Selection on iPhone & iPad

Did you know that your iPhone and iPad can read highlighted texts out loud? This is a feature that could come in handy for any number of reasons, but it may be particularly useful if you’re busy focusing on something else, want to know how to say or pronounce something, want something read to you, … Read More

How to Have Your Apple Watch Speak The Time For You

Apr 6, 2021 - 6 Comments
Enable speak time

How’d you like your Apple Watch to speak the time to you? Sounds convenient, high-tech, and useful, right?

Make Siri Respond to Voice Even if iPhone Screen Covered

Feb 23, 2021 - 3 Comments
How to Make Siri Respond to Voice Even if iPhone Screen Covered

Do you frequently take advantage of Siri to perform various tasks on your iPhone? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now use Siri without taking your phone out of the pocket, or in other situations where the iPhone screen is covered.

How to Send Message Effects with Voice Control on iPhone & iPad

Nov 18, 2020 - Leave a Comment
How to Send Message Effects with Voice Control

Did you know you can send iMessage effects by using only your voice? Thanks to the Voice Control accessibility feature, you can not only control every aspect of your iPhone or iPad hands-free, you can also send those fun iMessage screen effects without touching your device too.

How to Use Sound Recognition Alerts on iPhone & iPad

Oct 5, 2020 - 4 Comments
How to Use Sound Recognition Alerts on iPhone & iPad

What if we told you that your iPhone or iPad can listen for sounds such as doorbells, fire alarms, car horns, dogs, cats, sirens, door knocks, water running, babies crying, and more? Whether you have any sort of hearing impairment, or perhaps just a device sitting in another room or part of the house, you … Read More

How to Use Back Tap on iPhone for Quick Access to Features & Apps in iOS 14

Sep 29, 2020 - 8 Comments
iOS 14 Back Tap header

How would you like to be able to tap on the back of your iPhone to perform a specific action on your device? That’s what Back Tap offers.

How to Use Guided Access on iPhone & iPad to Lock an App on Screen

Sep 9, 2020 - Leave a Comment
How to Use Guided Access on iPhone & iPad to Lock an App On Screen

Guided Access is an extremely useful accessibility feature that can be utilized to lock your iPhone and iPad’s screen to one app. It can also limit what you can touch on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch screen. Guided Access is a great feature of iOS and iPadOS, particularly for parents, educators, and even businesses … Read More

How to Use Color Filters on iPhone & iPad

Aug 3, 2020 - 1 Comment
How to Use Color Filters on iPhone & iPad

Color Filters can be applied to the iPhone and iPad screen, offering a way to adjust the tint and hue of devices screen. This can be helpful if you feel the iPhone or iPad screen is too yellow, warm, blue, or cool. And of course, if you have color blindness or some other visual disturbances, … Read More

How to Use AirPods as a Remote Spying Tool

May 19, 2020 - 3 Comments
AirPods outside of their case

Did you know you can use AirPods and iPhone as a remote spying tool, or simply to boost the volume of some distant sound or speaker? Indeed, with a little planning and know-how, you can use AirPods, AirPods Pro, and PowerBeats Pro, like spying microphones or for amplification to better hear conversations! That may be … Read More

How to Use AirPods as Hearing Aids

Dec 9, 2019 - 13 Comments
How to Use AirPods as Hearing Aids

Did you know AirPods can be used as hearing aids of sorts? Thanks to a handy and little-known accessibility feature called “Live Listen”, you can use AirPods as hearing aids to boost the audio volume of sounds around you. Apple’s AirPods have become the best selling wireless headphones worldwide in no time, they’re wildly popular … Read More

How to Disable Auto-Brightness in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Dec 3, 2019 - 14 Comments

Auto-brightness automatically adjusts the display brightness of an iPhone or iPad depending on surrounding ambient lighting conditions. Some users love this feature and some users don’t, and there are Settings options to both enable and disable auto-brightness on iPhone or iPad. If you want to change or turn off auto-brightness on iPhone or iPad running … Read More

How to Invert Screen Colors on iPhone & iPad

Nov 1, 2019 - 2 Comments
How to invert screen on iPhone or iPad

Want to invert the screen of iPhone or iPad? You can invert the screen colors of iPhone or iPad easily through an Accessibility option. This can be very helpful to many users for various purposes, whether for reviewing things on the display in dim ambient lighting, due to some color blindness or other visual difficulties, … Read More

How to Reduce Motion on iPhone & iPad

Oct 18, 2019 - 5 Comments
How to enable Reduce Motion on iPhone and iPad

Some iPhone and iPad users may find the onscreen animations that zoom and slide around to be a bit too much, distracting, or even nauseating, and therefore some people wish to disable those animations. Turning off most interface animations on iPhone and iPad is possible with a feature called Reduce Motion, which will dramatically reduce … Read More

How to Enable Bold Text on iPhone or iPad

Apr 15, 2019 - 3 Comments
How to bold text on iPhone or iPad

Want to make the fonts and text on your iPhone or iPad a bit easier to read? Then you might want to try out the Bold Text option available in iOS, which might improve text legibility for some users. Also, some people might simply prefer the way the bolder text looks throughout apps, and want … Read More

How to Make Text Size Much Larger on iPad

Feb 14, 2019 - 2 Comments
How to make text size larger on iPad

Some iPad and iPhone users may prefer to have larger text sizes and font sizes visible when using the device. Having bigger text size can make reading things on an iPad screen easier for many people, particularly if you find the default font sizes on iPad to be too small, or difficult on the eyes. … Read More

How to Get Air Quality Info on iPhone with Weather

Nov 20, 2018 - 24 Comments
Get Air Quality info on iPhone

The iPhone Weather app can offer information about the air quality at specific locations, including an Air Quality summary and an Air Quality Index score rating. Getting air quality details is helpful information for obvious reasons, whether you’re curious about your current location or a destination you intend on visiting or traveling to, but the … Read More

How to Spell Words by Speaking on iPhone or iPad

Nov 14, 2018 - 17 Comments
Have iPhone or iPad spell aloud words to you

The iPhone and iPad have a little known text-to-speech functionality that will verbally spell out a selected word or string for you. This great feature is useful for many obvious reasons, whether for educational purposes, or perhaps you can’t quite make out if what you’re reading on the iPad or iPhone screen is supposed to … Read More

How to Enable a Virtual Home Button on iPhone or iPad with AssistiveTouch

Aug 16, 2018 - 6 Comments
How to enable a Virtual Home button on iPhone or iPad

Do you miss having a Home button on the iPhone X? Maybe your Home button isn’t working as expected, or is broken on an iPhone or iPad? Or maybe you’d just find it easier to tap on the screen to mimic a Home button press rather than using the hardware button? You can enable a … Read More

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