Help Decide Which Size iPhone 6 to Buy with This Printable Guide

Sep 10, 2014 - 23 Comments

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Deciding which size iPhone 6 to buy is no easy task, particularly if you’re going to pre-order this Friday and aren’t able to hold one of the devices in your hand before the big purchase. That’s where this little printable PDF file comes into play, which gives you an accurate idea of the physical size of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus against an existing iPhone 5 model.

You’ll want to print this out to get the best idea, though loading it at full size on screen can also work to give a vaguer concept of size too. Either way, bbe sure to hold your iPhone 5 up to make sure that size is accurate. Whether you just look at it on screen or actually print it out as recommended, you’ll find that both models are certainly larger than existing iPhones, but really you should print it out if you’re going to use this to help guide your pre-order:

  • Go here to load the iPhone 6 size file
  • Print the file as usual (or use that cool print from desktop trick) – be sure the file is printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and it is set to 100% scale
  • Grab some scissors and cut out the iPhone scale models and use your imagination

Printable iPhone 6 size helper

You’ll find both sizes to be larger, where the iPhone 6 feels marginally bigger and mostly taller than iPhone 5 line, it’s the iPhone 6 Plus in particular that really stands out. With the Plus models larger screen and pixel dense display comes a stellar battery life, iPad-like landscape mode, and an optical image stabilization feature, making the larger physical size less of an issue if you find those features compelling, and I suspect the iPhone 6 Plus is going to be a very popular device, particular for those who want to merge an iPad and iPhone into a single carry-around item. On the other hand, if you’re more or less happy with the iPhone 5 lines size, you’ll find the standard iPhone 6 with 4.7″ display to be a notable upgrade on screen size and performance, while still being able to easily carry it in your pocket.

Printed out pieces of paper are one thing, but sometimes relating to another physical object can be helpful… in the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s apparently about the size of a checkbook (yes like a bank checkbook, or cheque book, whatever you would like to call it). So, if you want to get a rough idea of what an iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5″ display will be like in terms of physical size, print out the above mockup, then stick it on top of a checkbook.

iPhone 6 Plus is about the size of a stack of checks from a checkbook

You’ll find when placed on a checkbook enclosure, which is a tad larger (like this retro WAMU checkbook), it offers a rough idea to the size of iPhone 6 Plus placed within a plastic third party case:

iPhone 6 Plus on a Checkbook

While I haven’t gotten my hands on a physical iPhone 6 yet (few have if you weren’t invited to the Apple press event), I’ve at least had the luxury of holding a third party cases built for the device, which offers a decent idea of what the phones will feel like. Of course, a case – even slim cases – add additional bulk to an iPhone, and if you like to use a cover or case on your iPhone you may want to consider that as well when you’re shopping and pre-ordering the iPhone. Otherwise, if you have enough patience to wait until you can use the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in person, you may want to do that before buying, as they certainly aren’t cheap purchases.

Heads up to AppleInsider for the PDF and iPhoneInCanada for the great find.


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  1. ChrZZ says:

    Letter-size paper is a US STANDARD.

    Please make one for the rest of the world: A4.

  2. Ed says:

    I wanted the + so bad, but damn that is big. Thanks for this I’ll stick with just the 4.7.

  3. Erik R. says:

    Mine actually has the screen on it. :-) Great minds think alike, I guess.

  4. Moe says:

    Why so big. Cannot fit in pants pocket for guys and for most people it’s too big to hold with one hand. I think this was a big mistake on Apple’s part. Should have kept it smaller like the 4s or even the 5s.

  5. Dr. Ghostly says:

    The hype didn’t affect me at all. Still got a full year and more to run on my 5s so I’ll just wait for the bugs to disappear and read all the user reports before I make a decision. I carry my iphone 5s in my breast pocket and find that the supporting breast under the iphone is tingling, so I got a hip case and then read a bunch of stuff that guys carrying their iphones in holster cases were getting dramatic bone thinning in the hip under the holster.
    Bring back the long piece of string and two cans. Zero carcinogens. Pedal radio, maybe! Yelling loudly. Smoke signals. I’ll work something out.

    • Anoymous says:

      Phones transmit non-ionising radiation, it’s unlikely to affect your bone density or fertility unless you somehow damaged the antenna and it was pumping out more EMR to compensate for that.

  6. Pat rigaud says:

    Hell no!! Enough it cost too much I’m going elsewhere!!!

  7. Dan says:

    I don’t like bigger, I need portability. I’ll hold on to my 5S for as long as I can. I was very happy with my 4S. I hope the trend for bigger will reverse sometime. Are we going back to something like when people used to carry boom boxes around?

  8. Nilesh Parmar says:

    Lol, cheers for that. I definitely will not be going for half a iPad mini (iPhone 6+)

  9. Syver says:

    Printed the .pdf and the iPhone 5 template is off by 1cm so I would not trust this document to make a decision on the iPhone 6. Check the dimensions first.

    • Newfiebill says:

      Are you sure that you printed at “100% Scale” and not at “fit to paper”. I superimposed my 5 and it was a perfect fit.

  10. Cece says:

    For females there is the tiny purse issue. I think the 6.

  11. I'm wondering says:

    Is this like with cars? Taking the bigger to compensate the small size of one’s penis?
    I’d like to go back to iPhone 3GS’ size …

  12. Mike braunstein says:

    Big, big, BIG. I’ve bought too many devices with screens, including TVs, and wished I’d gone bigger. Not making that mistake again.

  13. Scott says:

    Bigger is bigger… As they said.

  14. Greg Walters says:

    I am going big, iPhone Plus. It’s like the America edition. Maybe Texas , bigger is better. Huge phones, why not?

  15. Joe says:

    I’m going with 5.5″, if it’s too big I’ll sell it or trade it in.

    As long as it fits in a pocket I really don’t care, the battery life and bigger screen are two essentials. iPhone 5 battery is terrible and the screen is hurting my eyes it’s so small.

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