OS X 10.9.5 Update Released for Mac

Sep 17, 2014 - 28 Comments

OS X Mavericks

Apple has released an update to OS X Mavericks, versioned as OS X 10.9.5. The update is recommended for all Mac users to install and includes bug fixes and security updates for core system software.

Two specific bug fixes are mentioned in the release notes of the update, the first being a resolution to some issues with VPN connections that use USB authentication, and the second aiming to resolve issues pertaining to access of SMB (Windows sharing) servers. The latter issue has frustrated a fair amount of Mac users who work in Windows PC heavy environments and share files between the two, making it a particularly welcome fix for some.

Safari 7.0.6 and related security updates and bug fixes are also included in the OS X 10.9.5 update.

All Mac users running Mavericks can find the update available through the Mac App Store, accessible via the  Apple menu and by choosing “Software Update”.

OS X 10.9.5 Update for Mac

Separately, Apple also released iOS 8 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, which brings many new features and improvements to iOS, as well as a minor update to Apple TV.


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  1. hank says:

    So Mavericks 10.9.5 got weird and I went to reinstall the 10.9.5 Combo update (2011 Mini) — and the Combo updater says “can’t be installed on this disk. This volume does not meet the requirements …”

    100Gb free out of 487 total.


  2. flashy says:

    10.9.5 is crap, do not download if you do not want to have wifi issues!!!

    • 1010dud says:

      If you think 10.9.5 is bad wait until you experience the complete and total nightmare that is OS X 10.10.x!

  3. sofia says:

    hi guys i accidentally deleated the wifi hardware o whatever it called i dont know how to fix this problem im reaally worried about that i hope you guys can help me to find a solution or at least that you can give me to my the link to have it again thanks

    ps sorry about my bad english

  4. Sara says:

    Wow, I thought this was a problem with just my Mac. I was considering a factory reboot too. Thank you Apple for making a bunch of hiccups for me to deal throughout the work day. PLEASE FIX THIS.

  5. Colin says:

    Apple wifi issues cutting in out and slowing down…

    It is my belief, based upon updates that are trivial from our standpoint…that they are fixes to underlying anomalies and problems programmed into previous updates…or hidden assets to
    ‘push’ us in commercial directions, iTunes, iMusic, iBooks, iTV, iDystopia…etc… It seems our Apple Macs etc are turing into old wooden Apple crates full of kids toys. Apple is getting to respond to the entertainment cohort over those that put Apple on the map with the best graphics machine available…and in the process Apple has become rotten to the core. Jobs would not be amused. I know I am not amused…two updates…iOS 8 and OS X -10.9.5 and now neither will stay connected to the internet or download at a predictable rate. The poor suppliers of the internet are probably going bugs with all the calls.
    This is corporate suicide…and an emulation of all things Apple sought to change for the better: proprietary BS and milking and fleecing of the the sheep…and now we are no better off than the Gates tyranny…

    “This is not a certified power cable and may not work properly” [ if we fiddle with the operating system and deny its use….SUCKER]… you bought us and now you got us…and we have you by the short and curlies. You have no where to run…we know everything about you…it ia all in the cloud…

    The 1984 ad Apple ran to introduce the Mac has twisted 180° and we are all captive now…to what we were to be free from…tyranny.

  6. Daniella says:

    After the 10.9.5 update my WIFI connection just disconnects after a while – as if the WIFI connection goes into sleep mode! Thanks for the update, Apple :-(

    • Su says:

      My iMac does exactly the same thing – loses wifi connection repeatedly. Sad, because this problem had only just been cured in an earlier Mavericks update…

  7. Rick says:

    The 10.9.5 trashed the wifi on my macbook pro. it reports no wifi hardware installed. Looking for my time machine backup.

    • philip says:

      Any chance you found a solution to this problem? Mine is doing the same thing.

      • mach says:

        yep, same here on my macbook pro after update!


        to verify if it really is broken and not just the APPLE update phuq up.

        Reboot holding down the D key on the main keyboard.
        Choose language and the mac will CHECK itself. takes about 3 mins.

        At the end of the test you should see NO ISSUES FOUND.
        a reference code and your serial number. (make a note of the reference code and serial number, you’ll need it later) under the serial number, the words GET STARTED. click on that.

        30 seconds or so later SAFARI will open, if you see CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY, then look up at the top right corner of the screen, FLAG and WIFI icons? click on FLAG and choose your country. Click on WIFI icon, you should see your normal visible networks and TURN WIFI OFF.

        IF the mac hasn’t already chosen your desired network, choose it here.

        Going beyond this point confirms that the WIFI is ok and operational.

        I went to CHAT (this is where you need the serial number you noted earlier!) soon ended up with a “Snr Advisor!” lol

        Clicking on the APPLE, will give you a reboot option (and very little else!)

        Rebooting will show that your WIFI has been uninstalled while you weren’t looking! All courtesy of the kind elves at APPLE house.

        APPLE: Did any testing take place with this update?
        it’s rotten that’s for sure.

        I’ve got several PC’s and one Macbook PRO retina. I was contemplating moving to MACS, think I might hang on a while longer, like forever.

        I know I’m shouting at the wind, There’s no way that Apple are ever going to hear me let alone listen. But one day, there will be enough voices shouting loud enough when ignoring them wont be an option. Problems like this bring that day ever closer.

        • mach says:

          spoken with a Snr Advisor! I am humbled by the experience. He said this seems to be a popular call.

          Here’s the fix; The macbook tells me 25 hours, 9 mins remaining although the “Snr Advisor believes this will take about a couple of hours! I’ll find out in 25 hours 9 mins! Hope you’ve got nothing urgent to do?

          Restart with ALT key pressed. follow the path to “Download (replace) the OS!” or in other words roll back to what you had before applying the update! lol…

          I remember an advert that said “where do you want to go today?”

          Safely back to where I was yesterday thank you.


          • Jack says:

            Can you do the above without the CD??? I just got a 2009 MacBook Pro, 3.06 GH, 8 GB, and the Wifi comes and goes, at it’s magical interval? I show no Wifi installed but have it running a Youtube Video right now. So, I tried the Start-D combo and nothing happened, so I have to ask is a CD necessary. I have read the OS will update to a built in original, is that true. I bought this Mac to test whether I wanted to go Apple, and so far, heck, my PCer is preferable, albeit slow…

          • Beach foam says:

            Here’s how to install OS X from Internet Recovery https://osxdaily.com/2014/12/14/reinstall-os-x-mac-internet-recovery/

          • Jack says:

            Also, could this be a fan regulation issue, I have a direct fan on the MacBook right now and it is humming along like it never had a problem. (Note: with this issue, I also started having a random lock up. That is why I question the heating, or over heating, issue.) Love this thread, really helpful.

          • Jack says:

            OK, is this the Fix? I don’t know but this is what I did. I downloaded smcFan Control, http://smcfancontrol.en.softonic.com/mac
            It was free. Thought I would just try it and see if anything worked better. I downloaded it and finally figured out where it went and set my low speed on the fans to 2000 RPM. My MacBook Pro was not overheated yet it was running at 49 degrees Celsius, and it dropped to 33 degrees Celsius. I have used it off and on all day with no loss of Air Port Card or Freeze up. It is currently running between 42 and 49 degrees with fan speed between 2800 and 4800 RPM. All of what I have read indicated possible over heating shut downs, remember many components have a shut down temp built in, so,,,,, the computer can have parts shut down and not freeze. I think I did come out of a Freeze yesterday with a floor fan, but not sure. Anyway…. for what it’s worth..

  8. Tim says:

    10.9.5 broke my duel display again, thanks. It makes work so much fun.

  9. Craig says:

    The 10.9.5 update managed to make it impossible for users on our network to login to their Macs. We had to log in in under the Admin account, do permissions repairs, etc. in order for users to regain the ability to login. Grr. Not cool, Apple.

  10. alex says:

    well since the update power nap for the desktop mac especially my mini is now causing it to wake every 10 mins! whats happened?

  11. Martin says:

    The SMB fix has dramatically worsened the situation.
    The connectivity to my Windows machines is failing within minutes. Basically I have lost the ability to connect to my Windows PC from my Mac.

    The connectivity to my sinology NAS seems to have improved a bit.

  12. grzybu says:

    Hope they didn’t break the external display this time

  13. Nope says:

    Hokum not much of an update if you we’re to ask me for my opinion

  14. Ryan says:

    Is it just me or is a DIGITAL CAMERA RAW UPDATE always available?

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