iOS 10.1.1 Update Released

Oct 31, 2016 - 36 Comments

iOS 10.1.1

iOS 10.1.1 has been released by Apple for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The small software update includes a bug fix for Health data not showing up for some users, but it’s possible the update includes other small changes as well.

Updating to iOS 10.1.1

The easiest way to download iOS 10.1.1 is through the Software Update mechanism in the Settings app of iOS.

Users can also update iOS software from the iTunes app by connecting their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer and choosing to update.

Always backup your data before installing any software update.

iOS 10.1.1 IPSW Firmware Download Links

For users interested in updating via IPSW firmware files, the links below point to the appropriate files on Apple servers:


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  1. Gaylene says:

    Have updated to 10.1.1, does anyone know if I can change back the announcement voice when someone calls to a female voice, the update has changed it to a male voice.

  2. Pawel says:

    Apple is becoming ridiculous! They push updates frequently because software quality is poor. I understand that software development and software evolution is a key to sucess, but they NEED to slow down. TEST before you release!!! iPhone 7 Plus comes with BETA camera software. Can you imagine that? They push unmature products to the market to keep marketing requirements. They will regret it sooner or later (I prefer they cry earlier).
    10.5 Leopard/10.6 Snow Leopard: I had 3M uptime easily on server, never seen kernel crashes.
    Newer OSX/macOS revisions have brought only annoying problems, not very well thought solutions and decreased stability. Apple is not anymore manufacturer of the “PRO”/high quality/stable solutions. They started to chase Android.
    I am trying to migrate now iPhone 6S 10.1.1 (build 14B100) to iPhone 7 Plus (build 14B150) using iTunes, but nothing works. They are not able to assist me, I am just facing various backing restoration problems. We have tried build 14B100 on 7 Plus and build 14B150. None combinations worked. Currently I am doing 6S upgrade to 14B150 to see wheter backup taken on that build can be restored to 14B150.
    Apple Technical Staff became more useless than usefull over years.
    Apple – do something!

  3. Mona says:

    I ask because I had problems with that. Or was what I was told was the problem. I was behind 2 or 3 cause I hate always updating. One update locked up my phone completely. Pain in the butt. Hate updates.

    • Luis says:

      Skipping updates shouldn’t be the cause of any problems when you do finally decide to update to a later version, every update you download will come with everything it needs accprding to not only your device model but also what version you are updating from (i.e., you could update directly from iOS 9 to iOS 10.1, thus skipping 10.0 in the process). So the cause of your issues was probably something else. In any case, be sure to back up your device before you do install any updates, and don’t do it on the day they are released. Most of the people whose devices were disabled last september, for example, were users who rushed to download the iOS 10 update as soon as it came out. And a few had not even backed up beforehand (one user even complained that she was left uncommunicated in a foreign country after her iphone bricked upon trying to update it while traveling).

  4. Mona says:

    If u don’t do updates and u get behind 2,3,4 dont that just create problems with phone if u don’t keep current with updates??

    • Luis says:

      You won’t have any major problems because of skipping updates, and most of the time you won’t even miss new features except in major updates such as iOS 9 to iOS 10 and some single point updates such as 10.2 (which will contain a new app). Just don’t skip updates for more than a year because then you’ll be skipping a major update and that might prevent you from installing some apps. Every time a major update is released to the general public, usually in september, there also are a few apps released that will require that new version of iOS to work.

  5. Chrissy says:

    I’m scared to download this

  6. Alex says:

    Does somebody know about a newer 10.1.1 update that iTunes shows but the iPhone doesn’t?

    • JBB says:

      Yes, iTunes wants me to update to 10.1.1 even though I have already done so. Is this a ‘newer’ 10.1.1 or is it a glitch?

  7. A says:

    Updated my phone last night to the 10.1.1 can any one help me. I left the house to day and now cannot access any form of internet on apps. Google. iMessage and emails. Vodafone have reset my settings saying it’s not the carrier it must be the update?!?!!

  8. LC says:

    Though I appreciate everyone’s comments because basically I’m not making the move to 10 and staying with 9.3.5., it’s sad to hear about the crashes and instability of the new iOS 10 on the whole. Once upon a time I would refer to reviews of new updates then dive in, no more. Apple needs to make a push for better design and testing. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his resting place at this point.

  9. Nacaro says:

    I’m feeling everyone’s pain. After updating my iphone 6+ when I select a SSID from my home it states “No Internet connection”, I’m like WHAT? I check my router, my TV’s, all my PC’s no issues. Then I check my wife’s iphone that is a 6+. No issues. WTF apple. I tell my wife “Do not do the update”. After a few reboots I can finally connect to my home wifi but it takes forever to connect and legs bad. Sad…. I also notice my Verizon cell strength bars are a bit weaker. 1 less bar then I normally see. I wish I could revert back to 10.1.

  10. JP says:

    New update have been a totall disaster and worst in the history of apple. Even the new application update icon disappeared. If this silly and stupid things are not fixed, I will stop using iPhone in my life.

  11. Tommyt says:

    Totally fed up with Apple updates bringing problem after problem. IOS used to be so stable and smooth, now it is one crash after another. Update 10.1.1 is freezing my ipad air every 5 to 10 minutes. Google will not open the search window and coming out of google makes the other apps unresponsive till I do a reset (power and home button). Searching the web forums tells me I am not the only one with these problems. Re- booted the pad many times, deleted and re installed google many times. All other apps are ok so something either in 10.1.1 or the google app is rendering my pad unusable. Back to Android if this doesn’t get sorted out soon. I am not updating my iphone 6 until confirmation that all problems have been sorted- I am not holding my breath. Poor show Apple who are wondering why sales are in decline !!

  12. Peter says:

    Worst update ever! Screen rotation is just a matter of luck…..

  13. Jessica says:

    I updated my iPhone7 this morning and my phone’s not even turning on now. I’d advise not to do the 10.1.1 update for right now. Fortunately my iPhone is under the 1 year manufacturers warranty. 😑

  14. Witold says:

    A bit annoying. With this update photostream in i cloud is not existing any more. Could automatically share impressions with my wife – now not any more. Not a good move…

  15. HarryIT says:

    I can’t believe this. Change just for the sake of change is a demonstration of stupidity. It used to be easy to repeat the song in my music or shuffle. The words actually appeared on the screen. Now there’s just a bunch of screwy squiggles. I’m thinking about turning in this iPhone going over to the Samsung Smart phone

  16. Syaam says:

    I ment my internet service

  17. Nisha says:

    I am not getting any sound notifications with my update!!! HELP
    I have an iPhone 6

  18. RM says:

    This last update threw me and my wife for a loop – both had issues reconnecting with iMessage, but what got me was the ‘Welcome” screen right after the update (then having to reconnect to the network, re-enter passwords for accounts, etc). Why can’t we get a simple update, ever?? I’m growing tired of Apple – hardware and software wise. I hope they get their act together.

    • Frustrated Fred says:

      I’m at the point where I just skip 95% of the software updates. Rarely do they add anything beneficial, but often they cause problems. I don’t have time to fiddle with the iPhone, I need it to work. My iPhone 7 is already the most buggy iPhone I have ever owned, it freezes, the call microphone and speaker stops working on calls 25% of the time, cell reception is terrible, touch screen unresponsive, what a dud product. $800 poorly spent. Lesson learned.

      • Luis says:

        I haven’t had that experience with my iphone 6s or my ipad air 1. Nevertheless, I do believe that for the most part only major iOS updates (such as going from iOS 9 to 10) and ocasionally some single point releases (such as the coming 10.2) have enough changes to make them worth installing. Two-point releases such as this week’s 10.1.1 usually ship with no new features (just minor bug fixes) and might not be worth installing except for those that are released to fix a major security flaw, such iOS 9.3.4 and 9.3.5 last summer.

  19. Cassandra says:

    Does anyone know if Apple will release an update that allows you to change the email app back to the previous format? The new format is so annoying! Grouped email chains are so much more complicated and confusing now (it’s difficult to see which is the new message in the email thread, and difficult to find and respond to a specific message), and I don’t like that the only option is to simply turn off the grouped message format. I haven’t found anyone who likes this new feature. I use my iPhone predominately for email…which makes me wish I had never downloaded iOS 10.

  20. rpk says:

    Good of you to advise.

    The problem is the ‘nagware’ Apple pops up constantly (after already downloading an update you don’t want).

    They ignore No Auto update in settings. It’s extremely annoying and I even know ‘young’ users who get frustrated with that.

    Users don’t need to be nagged to install an update.

    It’s ridiculous that the only way around it is to block Apple’s update servers.

    I placed a call to Apple about 18 months ago knowing they wouldn’t be able to fix the ‘nag’ popup. The more people who do that and make an official complaint, the more likely they’ll cut it out.

    • Luis says:

      I agree on the nagging. Does it still download the update file even when auto update is disabled in settings? that would be weird. In any case, maybe they do it so Tim Cook can later boast about most iOS users having already adopted the latest version as opposed to android or windows users. He does that at almost every keynote.

  21. Lois Smith says:

    I hate the thought of another “update”…I do not understand my iPhone hardly at all because you keep changing things. I wish I had never received it as a gift. I am 72 yrs old, I don’t understand any of your instructions on how to fix things that don’t work right…on my MacBook Air and also my iPhone.

    I appreciate having the availability of your Handicapped Phone People, they have been able to help me to some extenty…but I just feel so undone every time I see the notice of yet another possible change to something I may have just finally figured out how to use in the first place.

    I have no idea what you do about my concerns but I just want you to know how hard it is for someone with less than stellar memory abilitites do use your products. I can’t remember the steps you say to do long enough to complete them. And I hate your products even tho they are the only ones I have. 11/01/16

    • Luis says:

      Keep in mind that you’re not communicating with anybody from apple here, just with other users of their devices. That being said, you don’t need to download every update they release if you don’t want to. In fact, for older people or people who have a harder time adjusting to new versions of the software, I would recommend to update only if it is a major update being released (usually once a year in september) or one to fix a major security risk (there were only two of those this year, iOS 9.3.4 and 9.3.5 during the summer). Otherwise, it is better to skip the updates and stick to whatever version is already installed on the devices. The devices will still work even if they’re not updated, just without the new features if there are any (there are usually none on two point updates such as today’s release 10.1.1, just bug fixes).

      • Joy says:

        How do I stop the prompts that continually pop up coercing you to update when you don’t want to? I’m almost updated accidentally yesterday. I’ve heard bad things about 10.1.1 update for iPad mini 4

  22. TINDESERT357 says:

    hey, the iOS 10.1.1 IPSW file you have linked for the iPad Pro 9.7″ is wrong. It downloads the 12.9″ iPad IPSW.

  23. LC says:

    Will wait and see, have 9.3.5 still and if 10.1.1 proves to be solid or close, I might go with it, otherwise will sit it out until they can seal up the nasty cracks and flaws. People are having connectivity issues with 10 along with syncing photo albums between devices, battery drain etc. I’ll keep checking this site for feedback and comments, thanks.

  24. Inert nogorr says:

    I find the endless updates of iOS to be kind of annoying. I am just not updating my iPhone right now because as soon as I do there is yet another one available again.

    Apple should slow it down and increase performance and reduce bugs so they can stop pumping out constant new updates for every new bug that shows up from inadequate quality assurance.

    Sent from my buggy iPad Pro.

    • Luis says:

      I agree. They just made us install iOS 10.1 on the 24th and now another update?! it’s getting ridiculous. Apple does need to slow it down. Major updates should be every two years instead of every year. For now, I’ll be waiting until they release the update that will contain the new tv app, which is probably 10.3 because Apple just released the first iOS 10.2 beta today and it doesn’t include it yet.

    • Ben says:

      I totally disagree, it signals to me that a company is frequently evolving and updating and making changes as bugs are found. I would prefer small frequent updates that don’t affect my through the night verse a massive update that would more than likely be out of date when it is ready bug free.

      • AC says:

        I disagree to let us agree to disagree. Small updates leads to more crashing, wifi issues, links that don’t work, buggy and slow processing, and security holes that the manufacturer is trying to fix in the first place. You plug a hole in one place it affects others elsewhere. Apple should follow Android’s lead on this one issue, and slow the updates down, and test the software more thoroughly before releasing it. I’ve learned the hard way that just because Apple releases an update it doesn’t necessarily mean you should download it right away. I’m still on 9.2 and carefully waiting!

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