Disable favicon support in Firefox

Apr 3, 2007 - 7 Comments

Tim Russell writes in with this tip: “If there’s one thing I hate about your website and most other sites out there it’s the accompanying favicon’s that litter my browser tabs and bookmarks menu. Surely I’m not the only one that dislikes this so called feature, so if you want to turn off favicons this is all you have to do…” We generally like favicon’s but to each his own, continue on for the simple instructions on how to disable them.

Disable favicon support in Firefox

  • In the address bar, type about:config
  • Type “icon” in the search filter on the top
  • Change browser.chrome.favicons to false by double clicking on it
  • Change browser.chrome.site_icons to false by double clicking on it
  • Restart Firefox

Thanks for the tip Tim!

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Posted by: David Mendez in Firefox, How to, Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks


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  1. Omdurman says:

    favicons are obnoxious, about time we can get rid of them

  2. Murphy says:

    I like them. It makes it easier to glance at the tabs and see the one you want to click. But like the post says, options are good too.

  3. hmills says:

    I like favicons too, what’s everyones deal? it makes it easier to find things in a cluttered bookmark menu

  4. John says:

    Sir. Thank you. I’ve been using an older version because I couldn’t turn off those damn favicons. Dude, I salute you.

  5. Andrew says:

    I also salute you.

  6. panser says:

    I have no particular problem with favicons as far as tabs go. I even think that they are crucial to distinguish between tabs faster.

    What I would like to get rid of are favicons next to the bookmarks bar. Mainly because it leaves a lot less space for bookmarks. Safari style bookmark bar is really what I’m looking for in firefox. I have however found an add-on that removes labels and just leaves the icons on the bookmarks bar. This seems as a completely useless idea to me, because I’ve found that it is too hard to locate and actually left click on a needed icon. Since the icons are so small, I tend to miss the ones I want and tap the left or the right one instead.

    But I kind of get this feeling that just removing icons from Bookmark bar and leaving the rest of the favicons (tabs, general bookmarks) intact is not something that can be done as easy

  7. anonymouse says:

    These tips merely leave a blank dotted box as a placeholder for the Favicons. How do we get rid of that equally annoying dotted box?

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