StartupSound Lets Users Adjust the Startup Sound Level

Jan 3, 2007 - 11 Comments

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The startup sound on a Mac is cool and all, but if you’re in a quiet library, office, or classroom, that sound can be a bit obnoxious to yourself and others as it blasts throughout the speakers and into whatever room you’re in. Sure, you can mute the sound by holding down the keyboard Mute button during Mac system boot, or you can stick some headphones into the jack if you’re quick on the draw, but what if you don’t want to do that all the time? What if you forget to do that? What if you would rather it just be a bit quieter, rather than really loud?

A nice solution for this on supported Macs, is a free utility called StartupSound. This is a simple preference pane addition that enables you to adjust the sound level of the startup sound, or even mute it entirely, in much the fashion that you can adjust other system volume, you just have a little slider to move around as you see fit.

Installation is easier than pie, and the interface is as simple as it gets too. So save yourself the embarassment of public boot sounds and check out StartupSound!

Whats your thought on the startup sound of Macs? They’ve been around forever, I like it a lot but I’m a long time Mac user. One of my friends jokingly calls the startup sound the Gong and does an incredibly accurate representation of it with his voice, a big “GOOOOOOOONG!”. Anyway, love it or hate it, you can at least adjust it.

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Posted by: William Pearson in Mac OS X, Utilities


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  1. […] a nadie, o estamos en una biblioteca o lugar público puede ser bastante engorroso y molesto. Startup Sound es una aplicación (hay versiones disponibles para PPC y para Intel) que se instala en el panel de […]

  2. […] StarupSound, para anular el dong!!! de arranque del SO. No es plan de que suene un DONG!!! a las 3 de la mañana. El papel es más grueso que mis paredes y mis vecinos más gi****llas que Ramoncín. […]

  3. JeffreyLeePierre says:

    The PPC version here is not up-to-date. Go check and download the right version from the programmer website

  4. Choz says:

    Have you ever thought perhaps, in adding to the program an option so as to be able to change the login sound? I think it would even further the coolness of the app. Imagine the different login sounds……

  5. Doug says:

    Thanks. Just one more instance where Apple should be embarrassed for not providing user friendly controls with the OS.
    It is a wonder that they don’t have mandatory iPod ads at start up.

  6. zahadum says:

    havent tried thsi one yet, but usually most startup prefs do NOT work on the (ppc?) mini.

    but “pssst” does work (most of the time; except afater a foreced reboot, when it works ponly half the time).

    too bad apple could offer a forware patch that allows a meta key to control ofw audio at boot time! …

    but then like most other things at apple these days, attention to detail is not a top priority — more sizzle tahn steak :-(

  7. […] Para Bajartelo solo ve a esta página […]

  8. Stew Mac Daddy says:

    this app sounds great. I presently insert a mini jack or a cheap pair of ear buds into the headphone jack to silently boot up

  9. merkuree says:

    Great App, just what I need…..was trying t figure this exact issue out a few days back…..OS X Daily is a great site as well. Keep up the great work.

  10. […] El sonido de arranque de los Mac está muy bien si estamos en casa a una hora normal. Pero si es de noche y no queremos despertar a nadie, o estamos en una biblioteca o lugar público puede ser bastante engorroso y molesto. Startup Sound es una aplicación (hay versiones disponibles para PPC y para Intel) que se instala en el panel de Preferencias del Sistema y que permite modificar o eliminar por completo el sonido de arranque de tu Mac. Además es gratuito. […]

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